Senel Self Reliance Lotion

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Skincare lotion of a brand new sensation that improves the skin conditions and sustains the hydration of the skin.

This lotion maintains beautiful bare skin by bringing out the skin's ability to moisturize itself from deep inside and by improving rough skin conditions.
It will implement a sustainable skincare that effectively beautifies your skin through everyday use.


This lotion constantly and sufficiently moisturizes the skin, tightens pores, eliminates dullness, and maintains beautiful skin with a look and feel of transparency.
By delivering moisturizing ingredients that contain "proven barrier function improving properties" to every corner of stratum corneum, this lotion keeps the skin healthy while improving the barrier function of the stratum corneum, and prevents that healthy skin from fluctuating.


For people who have rough skins or sensitive skins, this lotion improves your skin conditions and then maintains that improved healthy condition.
People who are suffering from such skin conditions can safely use this product without damaging their bare skin, causing irritation, nor having pain.

This lotion also prevents and improves dryness, spots, wrinkles, and enlarged pores, which are issues that come with age, and provides effective anti-aging skincare routine.


This lotion is made without any additive, fragrance, alcohol, paraben, and does not contain any animal derived ingredient in order to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. Even people with very delicate skin conditions can use this lotion safely and comfortably.

In addition, it is developed without any animal testing, and all containers and packages are made of recyclable materials based on SDGs. This product is a vegan and a cruelty-free skincare that many people who are considerate of animals and environments can feel comfortable about using it continually.

Contents: 100ml
Usage Features

•This is a non-comedogenic product

•Conditions, smooths and plumps skin

•Tested and can be used on rough skin and sensitive skin without stress or pain

•Improves rough skin from deep inside and keeps the skin healthy

•Strengthens skin's protective barrier against environmental pollutants and blue light stressors

•Prevents and improves the formations of dark spots, wrinkles, and widened pores

•Infused with humectants that boost and lock in moisture

•Cushiony, high-hydrating formula doesn’t leave skin feeling dry or tight

•Increases the skin’s ability to absorb products layered over it

•Use before the first step in your skincare regimen to optimize its performance

•Use before makeup to hydrate and prime skin

Key Ingredients

Formulation Purpose: Emollients and barrier function improvements

・Phytic acid
Formulation Purpose: Skin beautifying and chelate effect (melanin prevention / removal and collagen production promotion)

・Glycyrrhizinate 2K (Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate)
Formulation Purpose: Anti-inflammation, anti-allergic, and irritation relief

・Rosemary leaf extract
Formulation Purpose: Antioxidation, anti-aging, and oxidation inhibitor

・Jojoba leaf extract
Formulation Purpose: Skin structure, firmness, barrier function, and dehydration improvements

・Lavender flower extract
Formulation Purpose: Sebum balance adjustment and sedative-soothing effect

Formulated Without

•Any additive
•Any fragrance
•Any coloring
•Animal derived ingredients (100% vegan)
•Cruelty free (Not tested on animals)


Subscription of this product is currently available only in Japan

How to Use

(1) Pour an amount that does not spill from the palm of your hand.

(2) Spread the lotion over the entire palms of your hands and press it onto cleansed face drawing a large circle from the center of face to the outside using the palms and fingers.

(3) Gently press it to your face until the skin is moisturized and has a "pleasant-sticky" feel.

*Avoid contact with eyes

*Recommended to use in the morning and evening after the shower, but can be used at any time as long as the face is cleansed