“Skincare lotion affects your skin the most,

as it is applied at the very beginning of your skin care”

The Lotion


A lotion with a new sensation that makes the skin hydrate itself.

By improving the barrier function of stratum corneum,

this lotion brings out skin's natural strength,

and leads to healthy and beautiful bare skin.

Also, by only containing proven ingredients,

this lotion also prevents the fluctuation of your skin,

and it is safe to use even on sensitive and dry skins.

This lotion is developed to improve the fluctuating skin conditions

and maintain the beautiful bare skin for all skin types.


Sustainable Skin

With emollient ingredients that improve barrier function,

this lotion suppresses evaporation of moistures from the skin,

and gives skin the softness and the smoothness.

The effect of improving the barrier function,

which takes place within stratum corneum and its intercellular lipids,

develops the skin's ability to moisturize itself,

and leads to clear skin with tightened and seamless pores.


Skin Repair

This lotion improves the fluctuating skin conditions,

such as rough damaged skin caused by dryness,

menstruation, and stress, and keeps it healthy.

With the combination of 

"anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and irritation relief" ingredients

and ingredients with "sebum balance adjustment and sedative effect",

this lotion brings back your skin's natural beauty,

and keeps the improved skin condition.


Aging Care

This lotion promotes chelate effect, 

which is the effect that prevents aging of skin 

and formation of spots and wrinkles.

This effect improves skin's metabolism

by removing unnecessary waste products 

and harmful substances from the skin,

and increases collagen production 

which tends to decrease with the age.

Also, this lotion aids in the removal of melanin by macrophages,

which is one of the lymphocytes.

This removal effect brings out the skin's natural beautifying ability,

even against the melanin that has already been formed,

and keeps the beautified skin forever.

Fragrance-Free, Coloring-Free, Animal-Free

Additive Free and Vegan

This lotion is additive-free and fragrance-free,

and contains no parabens nor alcohol,

in order to not damage the skin and to be used safely for long time.

Furthermore, since it does not contain any animal-derived ingredients,

there is minimal risk of allergic reactions.

This lotion is safe to use

even for people with delicate skin condition.


Cruelty Free and SDGs

This product is developed without animal testing

and packaged using only recyclable materials

for its container and package.

This is the skincare lotion that can be comfortably used everyday

even for many people who care about animals and environments.


- Moisturizing and Strengthening of Skin -