Sustainable Skin Care
- Improving Rough Skin -
- Maintaining Beautiful Skin -
- Preventing Aging Skin -

Sustainable skincare & vegan

The developer graduated from University of California's College of Biological Sciences, which is known for world's leading biological science institution, developed this skincare lotion with the aim of improving, along with the use, rough skin, the skin's own vitality, and anti aging that maintains beautiful bare skin for a long time, in order to implement the sustainable skincare.

Also, as a vegan cosmetic, ingredients that are flashy but have not been proven to be effective, and ingredients that are effective but too stimulating and irritating were avoided, and only ingredients that does not use any animal-derived ingredient were selected to be formulated.

This is how this Self-Reliance lotion was born. The skincare lotion that simultaneously moisturizes the skin, suppresses inflammations such as rough skin, improves the skin's own ability to condition itself, and increases the skin's own vitality as it is used.

Not only it is a vegan cosmetic product that is fragrance-free and coloring-free, but also it is a cruelty-free as it does not go through any animal testing during the development and manufacturing processes, in order to make many people feel safe and comfortable to use this product.
Also, all product packages and containers are made of recyclable materials based on SDGs.

Since this is a product recommended for people who tend to have skin problems by working hard both day and night, by working hard, the development process included checking the feeling and impression of use with people from all kinds of occupations.

By confirming the textures and effects with diversity of people, the team were able to complete a lotion that actually can make people to feel the aimed 3 points: rough skin improvement, beautiful skin condition that lasts, and anti aging.

This product enables people with rough skin due to dryness, masks, menstruation, stress, and even people with various types of sensitive skin, to safely, comfortably, and actually feel the rough skin improvement and the maintenance.

We are continuing to develop products that are useful to everyone.