The texture is transparent and smooth like water.

Is it a crisp and refreshing system? When you put it on your skin, it goes deep inside and moisturizes well 😳💓

It doesn't leave a film on your skin, it feels like your skin is moisturized deep inside🥰🥰

Also, I tend to get pimples and have atopic dermatitis, so my skin tends to get rough and my skin turns bright red after applying strong acne medicine 😭😭

Even when my skin was so ragged, I was able to use this lotion without any stinging effect🥲💕 Even products labeled as deer or hypoallergenic can cause pain...😢 It is truly good for your skin . Gentle skin care can be done 😭💓

I highly recommend it for those with dry or sensitive skin, and those who want to boost their own skin power ( ⸝⸝ ᴗ ⸝⸝ ) Please check it out🌟