Sustainable Skin Care
- Improving, Nurturing, Maintenance -

Sustainable skincare & vegan

The Aim:

The developer who graduated from University of California's College of Biological Sciences, the institution known for world's leading biological science, developed this skincare lotion with the aim of ①improvement of rough skin, ②nurturing of the skin's own vitality, and ③maintenance of the beautified bare skin, in order to implement the sustainable skincare that actually works.

The Formulation:

Only ingredients that are proven to be effective without causing any stimulation are selected, and in order to make it into vegan product with minimal risk of allergic reactions, any animal derived ingredient was avoided from the formulation.
Ingredients that are flashy and in trend but are not proven to be effective, and ingredients that are effective but cause irritations and stresses were all avoided from the list also.

In order to make many people feel safe and comfortable to use this product,
it is made without any fragrance, coloring, additive, alcohol, paraben.
Also, as a cruelty free product, it was developed without going through any animal testing, and the product container and packaging are made of recyclable materials based on SDGs.

The Feedbacks:

The development process included checking feedbacks from diversity of people with different types of skin conditions.
After revising the formulation countless times, our development team were able to complete a skincare lotion that actually can make people to feel the aimed 3 effects: rough skin improvement, skin's own vitality nurturing, and the beautified bare skin maintenance.

The Completion:

This is how this Self-Reliance skincare lotion was born. The skincare lotion that improves skin inflammations such as rough skin, hydrates the skin from deep inside, and maintains the beautified bare skin, all simultaneously along with the use.

This brand new skincare lotion enables people with all types of skin conditions to safely, comfortably, and actually feel the improvement and the maintenance.

We are continuing to develop products that are useful and effective to everyone.