It's smooth, but it's light and comfortable to wear, with a moisturizing feel rather than a perfect crispness☁️
It is mild and does not sting and does not sting your eyes.
It is almost odorless (I didn't smell it at all!) and penetrates easily.
It's completely different from the cheap moisturizing feeling that just sticks to the surface of the skin, and you can feel that the skin itself is getting more and more moist as you continue to use it.

«Feeling of moisturizing and water retention»
The first time I realized it was after about a week or two of continuous use. The next morning my skin looks completely different…🤦🏼‍♀️
When I touch my cheek, it feels moist even though it is not sticky. I could definitely feel that my skin was moisturized and satisfied from the inside 👏🏼
This really surprised me the most, and I was pleasantly surprised🥰I want everyone to experience this feeling of smooth and moist skin...!

«Impressions I tried»
I have sensitive and dry skin, but I also have sebum in some areas, and my skin tends to irritate and fluctuate.
I didn't have any skin troubles, but this lotion was the first to be effective on dry skin and I could feel the improvement ◎
As I continue to use it, I don't feel like my skin is fluctuating that much anymore, and I really like it 😳💭.

Soothing and moisturizing your skin with skin-soothing cosmetics is of course good, but by bringing out the natural power of your skin, it creates a stable and well-balanced skin environment.
It's light and comfortable to wear, and it goes well with other serums and milky lotions, so I use it with various serums depending on the day 👏🏼💗