When I was researching such an ingredient combination that "more people can feel the effect with peace of mind", it has been used for beauty for a long time, and its effect and safety have been proven by both data and results. We focused on the ingredient "oryzanol" derived from rice.

Oryzanol is specifically contained in large amounts in oils and fats extracted from brown rice germ and rice bran. It is a component that plays a role in protecting from deterioration such as air, light, and heat over a long period of time.

As a pharmaceutical, it has pharmacological actions such as antioxidant action, growth promotion action, blood flow promotion action, and lipid metabolism improvement action, and has been in practical use for more than half a century.

As a cosmetic product, in addition to its antioxidant and UV protection effects, it also has the effect of increasing self-vitality by nurturing the ability to moisturize your skin. In addition, it also has a warming effect by suppressing the decrease in skin temperature, which is nice in cold weather.

With this oryzanol as the main ingredient, rosemary leaf extract is formulated for the purpose of "antioxidation, anti-aging, and anti-oxidation". The jojoba leaf extract is used for the purpose of "improvement", and the lavender flower extract, etc. for the purpose of "anti-inflammatory action, sebum balance adjustment action, and sedative action" are blended in a well-balanced manner.

No animal-derived ingredients are used, and alcohol and parabens are not added so that anyone can experience moisturizing, water retention, and self-vitalization with peace of mind.

All ingredients 

water lavender flower extract PEG-75
glycerin Glycyrrhizinate 2K PEG-32
Benthylene glycol Arginine PEG-6
oryzanol PCA glycereth-25 isostearate phytic acid
rosemary leaf extract Carbomer silver oxide
jojoba leaf extract BG Na hydroxide